How to make a traditional Brazilian BBQ

How to make a traditional Brazilian BBQ

Learn how to cut and prepare a traditional BBQ like a brazilian.

Tips on how to cut the Picanha

Knowing how to cut a Picanha is essential! When talking about barbecue, the first thing that comes to mind is that succulent, tender Picanha with that fat one on the side. Barbecue without Picanha is not barbecue, at least not in the lands of Brazil.

Being the honoured guest of your barbecue, nothing fairer than you know well how to prepare.

The thickness of the Picanha; Picanha is a type of meat that must be high.

The fat should be uniform with a layer of a white or light-yellow colour.

It is essential to know how to cut: You need quality and very sharp BBQ knife. As we have mentioned the Picanha must be thick, and with a cover of fat, the use of low-quality BBQ knife increases the risk that you can not cut it cleanly.

At the time of the first cut, cut with the raw meat still, you should start cutting the top of the fat cover, making cuts on the diagonal having around 2 fingers thick, these cuts should be in the opposite direction of the fibre.

The second cut that is done at the time of serving, should be done in the direction of the fibres, as it facilitates chewing.

Now that you know how to choose a great Picanha for your barbecue, and how to cut it is already time to plan your barbecue.


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